Dancing on the Wings of Life

This is going to be a special experience for most audiences: to see a performance in which all the artists are disabled people.

«My Dream,» a music and dance show of the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, will open tonight at Beijing’s Poly Theatre, and will continue through May 16.

This performance will also be something special for the troupe members, for it is the troupe’s first public paid-ticket performance in Beijing. In the past their performances have been either charitable or specially booked.

«My Dream» marks the start of the group’s market-oriented management.

«In the past, we focused on the social significance of the disabled persons’ artistic activities,» said Chai Jianming, deputy head and secretary-general of the troupe. «Now you will see the talent and creativity of these disabled persons as artists. They deserve to be respected, and financially rewarded.»

Dancing on the Wings of Life

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